Peter Malone | Frankston Council Candidate

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Why should you vote for Peter?

Caring:  I guarantee that I will always put the needs of Frankston residents and businesses first. I will engage vigorously but cooperatively with whatever state government is in power at any one time to maximise outcomes for the Frankston Community as we emerge from the COVID cloud.

Capable:  I have extensive background experience through my leadership and representational positions both in Australia and overseas. I have demonstrated capabilities in various roles such as Board Director, Naval Officer, Project Manager and Occupational and Workflow Analyst.

Committed:  I pledge to be committed to working hard for the Frankston community if elected to office. I have demonstrated commitment in a number of representational roles. That I put the people first in representational roles is a matter of record and testament to this is my re-election in certain roles after establishing trust and runs on the board.


"For as long as I have known Peter he has always been helping people whether at his workplace or in the community. He has often kindly helped me out. He has high-level skills in management, Board operations and the environment and is very qualified. He is also a believer in social justice and gender equity."

Lauren - South Ward Resident

"Peter is able to very effectively support and help others in so many ways due to his depth and breadth of experience – not sure how he has been able to fit it all into his life!"

Rick - South Ward Resident

Education & Health: World class Education and Health Facilities

Business: Revitalising business in Frankston now and post COVID

Residents: Support and relief for residents now and post COVID

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Environment: Local parks, gardens and recreation

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"There’s a good reason Peter keeps being elected by staff to be a Director on the Chisholm Board: Year in year out he never lets them down!"

Ken - South Ward Resident & former Chisholm Institute employee